Company Profile

City Heat Geysers is a home grown South African Company established against the economic odds of the apartheid system. 
City Heat Geysers was founded in 1972 by its Pioneering Managing Director, the late Mr Appalsamy Naidoo, as an enterprise aimed at providing hot water geysers to mainly Indian, African and Coloured Householders who were previously not provided with this essential service when homes were built by Municipalities in the greater Durban Region under the former Group Areas act.
Today, City Heat Geysers while consolidating its headquarters and Factory at Bluff Road in the light Industrial heartland of Jacobs, has a strong presence in the market place in Cape Town in terms of fully fledged office and service and distribution centre.

City Heat Geysers also has a National network of reliable agents in Port Elizabeth, East London & George.
Years after selecting Cape Town as a growth point, City Heat Geysers is embarking on a major expansion programme in anticipation of providing the Cape Town Metro Council with a range of top-quality hot-water geysers to promote a better quality of life for hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people in the peri-urban and rural areas under the Council's jurisdiction.


It was in the 1970's that City Heat Geysers had recognised this fundamental household need and went on to service this neglected market.
Within years, hundreds of homes were piped with hot water for the first time since the major relocation of people in the 1950's and 1960's.
City Heat Geysers then continued to work among the residents who were previously denied the hot water facilities and it owes its success and excellent track record to the countless number of loyal customers who had supported a company in the face of stringent competition from traditionally established and historically advantaged businesses in the past.
City Heat Geysers were presented with the prestigious International Standards Organisation (ISO 9002) Award on 24 January 1992, a seal of trading approval that had catapulted the company into achieving and maintaining the highest quality standard and producing quality household and industrial geysers.
Today, City Heat Geysers has not only been awarded the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance award which has satisfied the world market and international specifications, but since its inception also been awarded the prestigious SABS award for both Safety (S) and Performance (A).

Ongoing local and international training of staff has resulted in the upshot of City Heat Geysers have developed some innovative projects, particularly versatile geysers with dual facilities with right/left and floor type installation leeway which City Heat Geysers believe would be ideally suited for municipal homes.

Advanced research and technology has made it possible for City Heat Geysers to roll out new batches of powder coated geyser units with the outside casing undergoing intensive solid enamel plating in baking ovens.
City Heat Geysers is proud to be part of the new South African socio-political landscape and has tremendous confidence in the turn around of the economy.
This is borne by the fact that the economy has been improving with the recent interest rates plummeting to the lowest levels in 14 years.
We therefore predict a steady rising sales in homes and further scope for home improvements.