In the history of geysers, the copper hot water cylinders have been the longest to date. Copper is corrosion resistant and therefore suited to coastal areas where the water is more aggressive. In the new millenium it is a known fact that the whole world encourages water saving.
The 100kpa and 200kpa units deliver economical volumes of water and it is not necessary to heat more that the required volume. The higher the pressure the more water heated and delivered.
Copper geysers are quick and easy to install and hot water delivered to many draw off points as required. These copper units could easily be installed with copper to copper connectors which are inexpensive and easily available, saving time and money. They are also easily interchangeable to wall or floor mounting or vice versa by adjusting the mounting brackets. The inner copper cylinders could easily be repaired should the need arise. Copper geysers do not use sacrificial anodes and therefore require no costly maintenance.
Standard locally manufactured elements and thermostats are utilized on all cylinders. Combinations geysers (non pressure geysers) which do not require pressure valves are also available. Slimline, Solar and special replicas, according to requirements are also manufactured.