Geyser Warranty

This warranty is the only warranty offered by City Heat Geysers and is limited to the repair/replacement of the electric geyser only.

  • The decision to either repair or replace a defective product is at the sole discretion of City Heat Geysers. Any concluding decision in this regard will be considerate of the Consumer Protection Act and mutual fairness  to the customer and the company.
  • Consequential losses/damages suffered directly or indirectly as a result of the product failure/non performance is excluded and does not form part of this product warranty.
  • The warranty is applicable in accordance with the period as described below. The warranty period is applicable from the initial date of sale. Where the date of sale cannot be verified, the warranty will apply from the date of manufacture.
Product Warranty Period
Inner Copper Tank  5 Year Draincock  1 year
Electrical element 1 year Temperature / Pressure valve 1 year
Electrical Thermostat 1 year Gaskets & Sealing  rings 1 year
  • Any component of the geyser installation not mentioned above, weather supplied and or fitted by City Heat Geysers does not form part of this warranty. Any claim for  this product failure  and/or damages suffered (direct, indirect or consequential) does not form part of the product warranty. 
  • Any geyser or part thereof that has been replaced/repaired in terms of this warranty shall only carry the balance of warranty of the original product purchased.  Where the balance of warranty expires less than 6 months from date of repair/replacement, a minimum period of 6 months shall apply to the replaced/repaired component only.
  • Any defective geyser or component replaced in terms of this warranty shall become the property of City Heat Geysers.
  • The quality of water being heated  by the geyser will influence the lifespan and operational capabilities accordingly. Poor water conditions will reduce the lifespan of the product and will render this warranty invalid. This warranty remains applicable only where water conditions are equivalent to Metropolition quality of supply (Class 1 as defined by SANS 241).
  • The geyser / products must be correctly installed by a qualified plumber in accordance with SANS 10254. Any electrical connections pertaining to the installation must be in accordance with SANS 10142 and must be carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • Where a warranty claim has been approved, the customer will be responsible to ensure access to the geyser to effect repair / replacement should the trap door access be insufficient. Where the geyser is installed at elevated heights greater than 3m, the customer will be responsible for the provision of scaffoldings to gain safe access to the geyser.

Further to the above, the geyser warranty will be deemed invalid under any of the following conditions:

  • Incorrect installations, incorrect products and/or incorrect product ratings being used as part of the installation.
  • The installation is not carried by an registered plumber or an approved City Heat installer.
  • The name plate has been  removed, damaged or tampered with.
  • The geyser has been  damaged  and/or shows signs of vandalism, tamper or modification.
  • The geyser is being operated beyond its designed parameters and /or its designed environment
  • The failed geyser / component is removed or tampered with, prior to inspection by City Heat Geysers or its authorised equivalent.